Tips for after the Dublin Marathon

Oct 25, 2012



Tips For After The Dublin Marathon

Below we have posted some brief tips for all those who are participating in the Dublin Marahon this weekend. Galway Bay Physio Chartered Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic Athenry and Galway City would like to wish all participants the best of luck for the race this weekend. We will also offer a 20% discount on any post race sports massages required by anyone who is taking part in the marathon.

Arrange to have somebody meet you after the marathon

This is particularily important as you may not have mobile phone coverage after the race due the volume of people at the finish line. It will also be important for the person you are meeting to advise you on how to get from the finish line to where you are staying or where your car is parked, as you may be a little disorientated after the race.

Take the Space/Foil Blanket if available at the end of the race

After running the marathon your body temperature will be slightly more than normal, however after you have finished the race and with all the standing around etc., your body temperature may actually drop rapidly, which may place you at risk of fainting and/or collapsing. The space/foil blankets will help you regulate your body temperature and keep you safe and sound.

Rehydrate a lot and also take some high carbohydrate snacks

After the marathon, similar to after your training runs, it is essential to replace any fluid loss and glycogen depletion as soon as possible. Take advantage of the sports drinks, water and snacks that may be available after the marathon.

Keep Moving

After the race, avoid staying in the one position in queues etc, try to keep moving to allow the body to cool down progressively and slowly.

Gentle Massage

Normally there are chartered physiotherapists at the finish line who provide post race massages. If you have time, do try to take advantage of this as it may help to prevent DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness). Please ensure that it is a light massage as a Deep Tissue Massage can actually cause you more pain if it is given directly after a marathon.

Dry Clothes

Please ensure that the person you are meeting has dry clothes, or that you have dry clothes in your backpack so that you can change into them after the race, especially if it is cold or if it has been raining.


If you feel you have injured yourself during the marathon please go to the medical tent and/or to the chartered physiotherapists who can assess the injury.

Journey Home

Plan your journey home so that you can take regular breaks to get out and walk gently which again may help prevent DOMS. If you are travelling a significant distance home it may be wise to book a hotel so that you can unwind before the long journey.


Take advantage of your achievement and get plenty of rest and TLC, put the feet up and be proud of completing the marathon.

Post Race Massage

After 2-3 Days you may be feeling quite sore after your exploits, and you may choose to treat yourself and get a soft tissue massage. At Galway Bay Physio Chartered Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinics in Athenry and Galway City we will offer a 20% reduction on a Sports Massage for anyone who has completed the Dublin Marathon this weekend.

Exercise Recovery

In the days after the marathon it may be wise to try some alternative exercise recovery sessions such as swimming or cycling for 20-30 minutes before you attempt to get back into the running groove again.

Feel free to contact us for a free telephone consultation.

Best of luck to all the those who are participating in the Dublin Marathon this weekend from all at Galway Bay Physio Chartered Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, Athenry and Galway City.


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